EPA Registered Formulations

EPA Registered Formulations

Value Fragrances & Flavors has deep experience working with  the Environmental Protection Agency and can provide both products and consulting on how best to integrate these products into your formulation.  If you are considering developing products for either Safer Choice registration or a disinfectant formulation, we can help.

Safer Choice

VFF offers several fragrance options preregistered as raw ingredients with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice program, with more coming out each year.  Alternatively, we can also offer formulations directly to the EPA upon request for customers preferring their fragrances listed as a component in their own Safer Choice submission.

Pilot Chemical EPA Registered Disinfectants

Value Fragrances & Flavors has several fragrances currently available for most Pilot Chemical EPA registered quat disinfectant formulations and has recently introduced a much broader range of offerings.  Please call us for samples and to learn more about these and other products launching in the next year.