Our application development group ensure that our products perform flawlessly for our clients and are responsible for researching our latest ideas and testing new offerings.   Our lab is constantly evaluating performance and stability for a broad range of both water and oil based formulations for end uses including cosmetics, candles, surfactant blends, low PH products, plastics.  We can assist you in choosing the best fragrance to get the best possible results in your products.

Automotive & Carwash:

-Carwash Soaps

-Air Fresheners

-Cleaning Products




-Personal Care Products

-Hand Soaps



-Detergents & Fabric






-Air Deodorizers

-Waste Water & Sanitation

-Floor Soaps


-Pest Control





Pet Care:

-Cat Litter

-Pet Deodorizers

-Pet Perfumes



Natural and EPA Products:

Value Fragrances initiated several EPA ingredients programs to reduce time and expense for clients in developing their own Safer Choice, Pilot Chemical & Stepan Chemical EPA formulations.  Please call us for more information on these programs or to learn more about getting a customized fragrance approved.

We can design natural fragrances upon request for any application, free of synthetic chemicals, dyes and preservatives.  Please call us to learn more about this exciting and growing category.


Raw Materials & Essential Oils:

We directly source an expanding catalog of our raw materials from suppliers around the world that work directly with us. We import these essential oils and other specific raw synthetics for both our own use as well as the benefit of our customers. Please call us to learn more about what we can provide for you.

Orange Oil


Cornmint Oil

Lavender Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Eucalyptus Oil

Argan Oil

Rosemary Oil

Lemongrass Oil

Peppermint Oil

Pest Control Oil Blends

Quality Assurance:

We utilize strict auditing procedures for our operations including multipoint inspections of material qualities, batch accuracy and shipping documentation.  Our lab is equipped with modern analytical equipment allowing for GC/MS, refractive index analysis, organoleptic and color analysis to ensure that our customers receive consistent, excellent quality fragrances.