Sustainability & Sourcing

Our Commitment to The Environment

At Value Fragrances & Flavors we believe that ethical and sustainable materials sourcing is both responsible as well as a sound business practice.  For this reason, we only source essential oils, resins and absolutes that can be responsibly harvested at levels that will not damage or deplete the environment and can be replanted annually.


Ethical Sourcing

We make every effort to work with suppliers on a fair-trade basis because it promotes quality and reliable supplier – vendor relationships and because it is the right thing to do.  We have cultivated decades long relationships with some of the most highly regarded trading partners around the world who are committed to renewable harvesting techniques and fair employee compensation.


Sustainable Packaging 

We utilize glass and steel packaging which can more readily be recycled than plastics for all materials manufactured at Value Fragrances & Flavors, and recycle all corrugated packaging, steel, oil and wood products.