How We Work

Customer Driven Results

Successfully developing a new fragrance requires passion, experience and a full understanding of the customer’s expectations.  Whether our professional perfumers are creating the perfect candle scent for the season, a regulated disinfectant product or a new fine fragrance, we approach the project the same way:

LISTEN to the customer and understand their product vision and the requirements specific to the project.

IDENTIFY trends in our customers’ markets both current and upcoming that will allow their products to be fresh and differentiated from competitors.

LEARN about the latest developments in fragrance and flavor raw materials, test these materials and incorporate them into our development process.

PROCURE high quality raw materials that will deliver superior and consistent results for our customers.

CREATE A variety of fragrance options meeting the needs of the customer both aromatic and technical.

INTEGRATE our fragrances into customer products, testing for stability, clarity and endurance to ensure the best possible product performance.

OFFER continuing product support and competitive pricing to build ongoing partnerships.