Creative Capabilities

An Emotional Connection

Modern consumers experience a myriad of fragrance enhanced products daily, which is why our master perfumers strive to design new offerings that are relevant, differentiated and cost-effective for our clients.  The perfect fragrance can define your brand and plays a vital role in driving consumer loyalty.  Research indicates that often the primary difference between a leading consumer brand and a distant runner up can be the quality of the aromatic experience.

Our marketing group works alongside both our perfumery team and our customers to help deliver a sensory message that resonates with your audience and remains consistent with your brand’s values.


Defining Tomorrow’s Trend

As a value-added partner, we analyze consumer data and provide meaningful marketing insights to our customers.  Social media, fashion, food trends and proprietary research all play a part in future creative direction, however this is merely a starting point for a new essence.

The primary ingredient for any new fragrance is inspiration which is why we maintain an extremely large inventory of premium raw materials.  With over 3000 unique ingredients on hand, our perfumers have the tools to create a surreal aromatic experience that can blend any combination of florals, fruits, woods and destination inspired notes depending on customer preference. Simply put, if you can imagine it, our perfumers create it for you, beautifully.