Value Fragrances & Flavors was born in 1983 when perfumer Bernie Mitzner realized his vision to offer premium fragrances at reasonable cost.  Initially specializing in the carwash industry, the company began manufacturing in a modest two thousand square foot garage with only ten fragrance variants and a price list above a small desk.  At that time, Bernie would answer phone calls in the morning and compound fragrances in the afternoon.  These modest beginnings allowed the company to reinvest, flourish and grow for the next two decades and develop a strong reputation for excellent quality and service.

Thirty-five years on and after outgrowing three facilities, the company now dominates the carwash niche, and has expanded to all areas of fragrance development including institutional care, personal care, candle & air care and countless specialty applications.  In 2014, the Vernon family acquired the company and implemented significant changes including an expanded product catalog and fresh marketing initiatives, the hiring of a team of nationally recognized perfumers and a world class regulatory department.  While we have certainly grown over the last three decades and now offer over six thousand fragrance varieties, our core belief of offering high quality products combined with the best service at a fair price has remained rigid.

Today, we proudly continue to call New York state our home, however we now manufacture all products at a custom built 25,000 Square foot facility with a dedicated laboratory for technical development and research.  We maintain an inventory of over 1500 raw materials kept on hand to allow our perfumers a broad pallet for maximum creativity and ship products to over 58 countries.  Despite these changes, in many ways we are still the same company we were when we began, with an emphasis on customer service and value guiding the company to this day.